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When I committed to the 2021 Marji Gesick bike race, I knew life changes needed to be made in order to be a finisher. I turned to Hugo for coaching help. Hugo and I started Feb. 1st sorting out my goals, and providing nutritional and fitness structure. Working with Hugo has provided me not only with the necessary structure and routines to help me balance life, work and my training but also a mindset shift that’s allowing me to feel mentally and physically ready to crush it this year. I’m currently on my way to losing 30lbs before race day and am enjoying the journey to get me there. I would highly recommend contacting Hugo if you are interested in meeting your goals for 2021.

- Jason S.

As an experienced cyclist, I knew the training that I was supposed to do. But despite having a clear plan to follow I just couldn’t make myself do the workouts. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what was stopping me, why I wouldn't stick to my plan. Hugo has helped me get through many mindset hurdles, which has positively (and tremendously) impacted not only my training but my everyday life. The daily routine that he created for me has brought me intention, structure and joy. Not only did my training improve, but the mindset and gratitude principles that he walked me through have improved my outcome about the future. I can’t wait to keep growing in 2021!

- Kevin M.

“I knew that I wanted to be more focused on my training, lose some weight and get more lean, but I was waiting for the “perfect” moment to get back on track. I had a training plan but was not executing on it. I was postponing things. I was lacking self-discipline. Hugo created an awesome system for me to not only visualize and keep track of my goals but to also feel more confident of my abilities and more inclined to take action rather than getting stuck second guessing myself. I have now have the right tools and a clearer vision of my goals for 2021”

- Jason R.

“I never thought of myself as a runner. If you would have asked me several months ago, I would have told you that I hated running, but when I started working with Hugo he made me realize about the amazing benefits and satisfaction of setting a goal, creating a plan and executing. That’s how I set a goal to run a half marathon. What started with 1-mile runs, evolved to 3, 5, and 10 mile long runs. Hugo not only helped me build a strong mindset to believe in myself and also endure the training, but he also advised me on so many things related to my journey like gear, nutrition and more. I ran my first half marathon in August 2020. I can’t wait to start training for my first full marathon in 2021!”

- Amy M.


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