How To Train For Your Best Marathon

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    Want to run your BEST marathon in 2020? A World-Renowned Coach Shares His Top 10 Must-Do Things!

    The Dig Deep Podcast powered by CHASKIS

    THE DIG DEEP PODCAST is a new series of (informal!) interviews with people from different backgrounds (professional & everyday athletes, entrepreneurs, and more) who I find inspiring..really inspiring! I hope that you will too.  No matter their backgrounds or what they do, they all share something in common: they know how to DIG DEEP...a lot!


    EPISODE 003 - Mark Botternhorn: Up-And-Coming Elite Ultrarunner



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    EPISODE 002- Ivan O'Gorman: Bike Fitting Extraordinaire. Competitive Age Group Triathlete. Nice Guy.


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    EPISODE 001- Joshua Stevens: Served His Country. Struggled With Opiate Medication. Found His Call In Ultrarunning


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