What's a CHASKI?

Hi! My name is Hugo and I'm so glad you're here because it means you're interested in achieving a BIG fitness goal!

So how can CHASKIS help you with that? And what is a "CHASKI" anyway?

CHASKIS (pronounced chahs-kees) were runners who delivered important messages throughout the Inca empire, which once spanned 2,500 miles in South America. As a native Peruvian, I have always felt inspired by the legacy of these great endurance athletes.

I started CHASKIS because I want to share the hard-earned lessons I have learned from achieving big fitness goals like:

  • Running marathons and "ultra" distance races

  • Finishing century (and longer) bike rides 

  • Completing (and failing to complete, in some cases) triathlons such as the Ironman

CHASKIS exists to give you:

We also offer customized coaching to help you get clear on your goal, get disciplined and be accountable.

Chaskis Coach Hugo Mendez

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