CHASKI Challenge - January 2020

Welcome to CHASKIS January Challenge!

Ready to start?!

First, a couple of details:

  1. Challenge Options: We have 3 challenge options to pick from: "Win The Day", "No Booze" or BOTH!
  2. Duration: January 1st - 31st, 2020 (31 days)
  3. Share your progress: use the hashtag #chaskichallenge on your posts and we will reshare them on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to follow us!
  4. Invite a friend: because together is better, share this challenge with your buddy and do it together! Send this link to your friends to help them get started!
  5. Daily check ins: I will also be doing daily 10-minute live stream video on Instagram Stories starting Wednesday 01/01 at 7pm MST

Challenge #1: WIN THE DAY

WHAT IS: get up early in the morning, sit down, close your eyes and visualize having a perfect day. Visualize winning the day!

HOW TO: Pick up a time to get up early(let's say 5:30am). Get up! and set your timer for 10 minutes. Sit down and visualize having an AWESOME day. Never done this before? No worries, it is as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on breathing in and out and thinking about the things that you want to accomplish during the day. Focus on tasks or things that you have control over. I personally like to think about how I want my day to go in very specific detail. I usually think this to myself when I do this: "I'm taking a shower then will make coffee after showering, then will write down 3 things that I want to achieve today. For task #1, I will do this and that and the outcome will be XYZ. For task #2, etc, and so on. I like to focus the first 7 minutes on visualizing my day and the last 3 minutes on visualizing long term goals. If you find yourself getting distracted and lose focus, that's OK, just try to focus again on what you were thinking before you got distracted. You got this!

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Challenge #2: NO BOOZE!

WHAT IS: No drinking, that's it!

HOW TO: This is a simple as not drinking anything, at all, for 30 days!

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WHAT IS: Because doing just one challenge is not enough. Let's do both!

HOW TO: Follow instructions for Challenge #1 and #2

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