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What is CHASKIS?

CHASKIS is a community for athletes of all walks of life who are looking for practical ways to get inspired and empowered to get started, keep going and never quit. At CHASKIS we aim to do that through awesome content, amazing experiences and badass apparel.

CHASKIS shares ideas via the Dig Deep PodcastCHASKIS Challenges and CHASKIS Retreats. CHASKIS is for athletes who are seeking a transformative experience and a supportive team.

Whether you are training for your first 5k or 10th Ironman distance triathlon, no matter what your obstacles, CHASKIS will empower you to achieve your endurance sport goals through a supportive community and customized support. 

Our name references the Chaskis of the Incan Empire who ran miles and miles throughout the kingdom in order to deliver important messages and goods. Our founder, Hugo, is originally from Peru (where Cusco is, which was the capital of the Empire) and he wanted to create a community for athletes who share the values of the original Chaskis.

Time to step it up. Time to CHASKIUP


Click below to listen founder, Hugo Mendez, talk more about CHASKIS and its mission




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