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    Want to run your BEST marathon in 2020? Learn from the BEST!

    A New Chapter For Dig Deep

    I am SO EXCITED to share with you a new chapter for Dig Deep starting January 1st, 2019: a NEW image and name!

    It's called CHASKIS

    But What Is A CHASKI?



    image credit: wikipedia

    The CHASKIS were the messengers of the Inca Empire.  

    They were not only amazing endurance athletes who knew how to Dig Deep..

    ...they also belonged to a community, a TRIBE,

    ...supporting each other and working together towards a common goal.

    That is what I envision for this new chapter...

    A brand that represents more than just apparel,

    A brand that creates community…YOUR COMMUNITY.

    A brand that will inspire us to keep pushing every day towards that common goal: create our own best version


    CHASKIS is for ALL OF US, everyday endurance athletes of all levels.

    I am a CHASKI.

    YOU are a CHASKI.

    WE are CHASKIS, and We are built to Dig Deep!

    Welcome to the tribe.