Episode 38: THE CHASKI CHALLENGE - 12.07.19

One of my main goals in 2019 was to finish the year running a 50-mile trail race. 

After finishing a half trail marathon and a 50k ultra in the last couple of months, I felt that I was ready to go after the 50-mile distance again (the only other time that I did a 50 miler was in Leadville in 2012)

After looking for races in Colorado and other states in the Rocky Mountain area I just couldn’t find one that I thought was worth doing or driving to. 

“What do I do now? What do I do with this fitness and desire to keep pushing and digging deep? I need one more big challenge to finish 2019 feeling accomplished!” 

And then one day I thought: What if I do my own run? Here in Boulder 

Enter The CHASKI Challenge 

On December 7th I will be challenging myself to run 12 hours on a 5-mile loop at the Boulder Reservoir.  My goal is to run 100K (62+ miles)

On this episode I talk in more detail about the motivation behind this, my training so far, logistics and more.

Save the date. Let’s all challenge ourselves to do something hard on 12.7!

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