Episode 36: LIUBOV LOMONOSOVA | From Not Running To Boston Qualifying

Liubov (aka Lyuba) is this amazing and inspiring runner and coach who in just few years has achieved incredible goals, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

She recently got a personal best at the marathon distance in Chicago last weekend. She ran it in 3hrs 4mins 5 secs (10 minutes faster than her previous best time)

But it was not until few years ago that she didn't start running; actually she hated it!

One day she decided to give this running thing another chance. She decided to follow a training plan with a very simple goal: completing a 40 minute run.

After seeing success. She then decided to work towards bigger goals, like running a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon and of course, a full marathon.

Lyuba has ran only a handful of marathons, but she is very goal driven and super disciplined, and that discipline didn’t happen overnight. It took several years of trying different approaches and surrounding herself with the right people

One of my favorite things on this conversation is when she talks about the origins of her kickass hairstyle. Talk about what motivates you to make drastic changes in your life.

We also talk about what she does to work on her mental strength and who’s coaching her these days.

Trust me, she is just getting started!

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