Episode 45: What It Takes To Finish A 200-Mile Gravel Grinder...3 Times

My journey to completing the Dirty Kanza 200-mile gravel grinder continues!

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the race has been moved from May 30th to September 12th, which means that I have more time to train. I like that! 

Since I've never done anything like this before, I’m trying to absorb as much information as possible, ask questions, and learn from people who have experience doing this race. People like Noah Schabacker, who is a 3-time finisher.

But Noah is not an elite or professional cyclist.

He is not the fastest.

He is not training to win.

He is an everyday cyclist, like me. That's why I was really interested in getting his perspective.

On this conversation Noah gives great advice on several topics such as training, equipment and gear, nutrition, logistics, lodging, and more. I can't wait to put some, if not most of his advice to practice!

If you'd like a summarized version of this conversation, you might want to watch the video version instead :) 

Note: Noah and I met at this home several weeks ago, before we got hit with the coronavirus pandemic. On that conversation, we were still assuming that the race was going to take place in May (original date). 

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