Episode 43: How To Have a Great Race Strategy For The Dirty Kanza 200

This week’s podcast is part of a new series of conversations that are going to be focused on the Dirty Kanza.

The Dirty Kanza is probably the world’s most known gravel cycling race right now. It’s 200-miles long on gravel roads. It takes place every May in the town of Emporia in Kansas.

It’s so popular these days that you now have to enter your name in a lottery. Well, I put my name in and I got picked, which is exciting and intimidating because I’ve never done anything like this before.

These podcasts are going to be focused on how to get ready for this event, especially from the perspective of a rookie everyday cyclist (like me), from training to bike setup to logistics and more.

On this first podcast, I sat down with my friend Brian Hannon. Brian is a super experienced cyclist, bike shop owner and amazing mechanic.

Brian has tons of experience on ultra-distance cycling events. He’s also done the Dirty Kanza before (he actually finished 5thon his age group several years ago). I wanted to ask him the things that I need to think about or do to have a great race strategy.

This conversation is focused on Race Strategy to successfully complete the Dirty Kanza 200-mile gravel grinder.

If you are into all-things gravel cycling or are thinking about doing the Dirty Kanza in the future, I invite you to subscribe to the podcast because I am going to be doing more in the next weeks.


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