Episode 41: JAY FERRACANE | Design Should Have A Reason

Jay Ferrane, is the founder and lead designer at Angry Bovine, a creative studio in Boulder, Colorado that helps companies and businesses be better businesses, through thinking, designing and doing.

Growing up in a military household, Jay lived a big part of his formative years in Hawaii where he discovered his love for skateboarding and surfing. When moving to Japan, he used the experience of living abroad as an opportunity to explore and learn more about the local culture...and skateboarding too.

Skateboarding has always been a key part of his life.  Like Jay says, skateboarding became his "medicine" (it helped him channel all this energy he had when growing up, especially growing up with ADD).

Skateboarding and Punk Rock music became a portals to learn more about design, photography and a self expression. He still use these learnings these days.

As a designer, he would tell you that his job is to be more like a carpenter and to present a case, than being an artist. He finds inspiration in different places, but mostly the outdoors. Jay's pillars of his work include to be objective and act as a catalyst.

Jay's work include all kinds of projects that are mostly in the tech, education and outdoor industries.  If you ride or run and use the Strava app, well..he's the one who created their logo. How cool is that!

To learn more about Jay and his work, visit angrybovine.com. You can connect with him on Instagram (@angrybovine

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