Episode 39: JOSHUA MILLER | 2020, A Year For Growth, Perspective And Running Like An Animal

I first met Joshua when he came to the podcast more than a year ago.

On that conversation we talked about his background as a marketer and entrepreneur, his races and how he found in running a way to cope with drug and alcohol addiction, and a way to re-direct his energy and anger. 

One year later, you can tell that Joshua’s perspective on training and racing has changed, more than that I would say, it has evolved.

He’s definitely more methodical on his approach. He’s changed his nutrition, has incorporated other elements like conditioning and strength training, and more.

His perspective on sobriety has also morphed in the past year.

Some of his life priorities have also changed as well. Maybe because of the fact that he is turning 30-years old soon? He talks in more detail about that during our chat.

But his love and passion for running and giving his best have not changed, actually they have increased. Joshua keeps getting better and better as an ultra mountain runner. 2020 is gonna be a a big year for him

We also talked about him living as a mountain man , his current projects with his company scheme running and more

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