Episode 35: ERIC KENNEY | How To Train For Your First Ironman

This week’s episode is focused on all things swim-bike-run and more specifically, How To Train For Your First Ironman Triathlon.

And to lead that discussion, I’m super pumped to have triathlon coach Eric Kenney back on the show.

On this episode, Eric gives great advice on what triathletes should think about when considering racing their first full-Ironman.

And we are not talking about expensive bikes or fancy gear, we are talking about consistency, efficiency, being dynamic and more.

Eric summarizes his advice in 4 KEY THINGS during this conversation.

If you are considering doing your first 140.6 mile race, I strongly recommend you listen to today’s episode AND also this great episode on How To Execute A Great Race

You can contact coach Kenney on his website www.ekendurancecoaching.com and also on Instagram and Facebook, (@ekendurance

Training For Your First Ironman Camp with Coach Kenney

Imagine learning all the things that you will listen on this podcast, but in person, and also getting individual and customized advice from coach Kenney himself. Eric and I will soon launch a training camp that will be focused on Training For Your First Ironman

This camp will be for triathletes of ALL abilities who want to have a great first Ironman experience in 2020. 

Interested in the camp? Sign up below or here to get updates. You are going to learn from one of the best coaches!

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