Episode 32: ROB STEGER | An Ordinary Guy Running Extraordinary Distances

Rob is a regular person, like you, like me.  He is a dad, he has a full-time job, he has responsibilities, but he has a strong passion for running long, really long distances on trails.

How long?

How about doing 200-mile ultras? And he is not just doing one, he is attempting to complete 3 in a three-month period (one of these races is 240 miles long!)

Rob’s life before running was very stressful, he worked 80-hr weeks, he was unhappy, he didn’t exercise at all. One time at a doctor’s visit, he was told that he had such high blood pressure and high cholesterol that he was seriously considering him to start taking Lipitor.

One day, Rob got a “wake up call” when his dad told him that he almost died of a heart attack. Rob needed a change, so he started running. That was about 4 years ago

When he first started running, he couldn’t complete a mile, but that didn’t deter him, instead he focused on goals, on reading as much as possible about running, on taking it one step at a time, on making changes like eating healthier. And it paid off

Rob’s mission is not just to push himself to see how far he can run, he also wants to inspire people, make them realize that if a “normal” person like him can run these distances, anybody can too. He shares this mission on several platforms like Instagram, his podcasts, he even recently released his first book where he shares his personal journey.

I can’t wait to see him crush his “Triple-crown of 200s” attempt which starts on August 9th through October 17th. GO ROB!

Follow Rob on Instagram (@trainingforultra). You can visit his website (www.trainingforultra.com) where you can buy his book and contact him.

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