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    Episode 30: RYAN VAN DUZER | Inspiring people to get outside and explore the world

    Posted by Hugo Mendez on

    Ryan is a content creator, story teller and YouTuber with a strong passion for exploring Colorado, the US and the world; and he does that by riding his bike or on his feet. 100% human powered!

    Ryan chronicles his adventures on his YouTube Channel called Duzer TV where you can see him supporting local causes in Boulder, going on bike rides across the country or interviewing his favorite professional runner

    I’ve been wanting to interview Ryan for a while. His personality and positive attitude are contagious. He is a super nice dude!

    On this conversation, Ryan talks about growing up in Boulder, his first adventures, how he started travelling abroad and bikes..specially gravel bikes!

    We also talk about endurance sports. Ryan is a strong runner and cyclist. He’s ridden his bike across the country 4 times, he’s done popular races like the famous Caballlo Blanco 50-mile trail run a couple of times and the Javelina Jundred 100 miler twice as well, he’s done the rim-to-rim-to rim across the grand canyon, he has ridden his bike to Burning Man, and so much more!

    Follow Ryan's adventures on YouTube and also on Instagram (@duzer) 

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