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    Episode 29: ALLI FRONZAGLIA | Empowering Women One Hike At A Time

    Posted by Hugo Mendez on

    Alli is a well-known local hiker, who’s personality, charisma and weirdness (in a good way!) has made her become a local legend in Boulder, Colorado.

    She is the co-founder of a group called The Boulder Hiker Chicks(BHCs), a group of hikers who go on all kinds of adventures, like to challenge themselves and also have fun, tons of fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously; that's one of the reasons why I think they rock!

    When I think of  how the BHCs operate, I think of the following:

    1. set a big goal
    2. push yourself
    3. have fun while doing it
    4. achieve
    5. celebrate big time!

    On this conversation, Alli talks about how she discovered her passion for hiking and the outdoors, how moving to Boulder, moving away and then moving back helped her realize that she was meant to start something like the Boulder Hiker Chicks.

    One of my favorite parts of this conversation is when she talks about that one time when she carried a 15 lb. block of ice on a hike just to surprise a good friend on her birthday. And what was the ice for? have to listen to this episode to understand more about her personality.

    But Alli is not just about hiking and having fun. One of her roles as one of the leaders of Boulder Hiker Chicks is to empower women, especially everyday hikers, like she would say; make them feel welcomed and feel that they are part of a special group of strong and badass women who can do anything that they set their minds to.

    Follow Alli on Instagram (@theboulderhikerchick) and also the Boulder Hiker Chicks (@boulderhikerchicks)

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