Episode 27: IRONMAN BOULDER | Coach Eric Kenney On How To Execute A Great Race

I've been wanting to make an episode about Ironman Boulder for several reasons:

  • This is a very popular Ironman race , tons of people from different parts of the country and the world come to Boulder.
  • This is our local race, Ironman Boulder takes place in our backyard
  • I wanted to share information, insights and advice that hopefully you will find useful, especially if you are training for your first ironman race or if this is your first Ironman Boulder.

So I wanted to invite a guest who not only has tons of experience coaching triathletes of all levels, but who also knows this race like the palm of his hand. That is coach Eric Kenney.

On this episode, Eric has great advice on several topics such as:

  • How to tackle your first ironman, in general.
  • He then focuses on Ironman Boulder, where he talks about the venue, racing in altitude, how to have a good swim at the Boulder Reservoir, how to have a smart bike ride so that you won’t crumble on the run (we’ve all been there, right?) nutrition, the key sections of the race, the logistics, and more.

This is a great episode not only for the athlete who’s doing this race but also for friends and family members who are planning to cheer their loved ones. You gotta be prepared, because it’s a loooong day!

On the first part of this conversation, Eric talks about his rowing background, switching to cycling to triathlons, and how he started coaching. We then focus on talking about Ironman Racing and Ironman Boulder specifically

A big shout out to our friends at Colorado Multisport, the must-go destination for all your triathlons needs in Boulder. 

Find more about Eric on his website, Instagram and Facebook 

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