Episode 26: JOSHUA STEVENS | A Good Race Needs To Tell A Good Story

I've been wanting to catch up with my buddy Joshua Stevens for a while now

Josh is a professional ultra runner. He was also my first guest on this podcast. On that first conversation, Josh talked about his career in the army, his struggles with opioid addiction and how after watching a documentary called "Unbreakable", he decided to give trail and ultra running a try. That was just the beginning of an amazing journey that only keeps getting better.

Josh is not your typical ultra-runner. He LOVES challenges..and crazy ones, like running 24 hours on a treadmill to raise awareness for opioid addiction recovery

This year he’s embarking on another big challenge:  running the grueling Badwater 135 mile in July and then run the challenging Leadville 100 miler a month later (not to mention that he plans to crew at the Hardrock 100 ultra in between). Pretty crazy!

And makes Josh pick these crazy races? A good story..yes, he believes that a good race has to tell a good story, and believe me, he has tons of good ones to share

On this conversation Josh also talks about how moving to Estes Park, CO has helped him to take his training and racing to the next level and he also talks about a cool project he's working on called "Dig This" a series of videos, where he not only interviews world-known professional ultrarunners but he also gets to hit the trails with them .I’m a little jealous Josh!

Click here to listen to my first conversation with Josh! 

Learn more about Josh's Dig This project here and don't forget to follow him on Instagram 

I also want to give a big shout out to the Go Far Shop and specially thank Kate King, founder and operating manager, for letting me host this conversation there. Go Far is a new local store in Boulder with the mission to create a unique retail  experience by connecting with the Boulder community. Loved their vibe!  Don't forget to follow them on Instagram!

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