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    Want to run your BEST marathon in 2020? Learn from the BEST!

    Episode 24: COLBY MEHMEN | Turning Failure Into Fuel To Achieve Greatness

    Posted by Hugo Mendez on


    Colby is an elite runner from Texas who moved to Boulder, CO last year and who is on a mission not only to qualify for the marathon Olympic trials in 2020 but also to inspire younger runners to believe in themselves, and to run hard, really hard.

    Colby believes that to live and pursue an extraordinary life you don’t need to be sponsored by any big brand or to be in the team of any particular college... just have to have the hunger and dedication to work hard every day, to be disciplined, consistent, to dream big and also, to use failure as the fuel that will keep you inspired, focused and obsessed to help you reach your goals

    But failure hasn’t been the only factor in Colby’s success as a runner, Colby has surrounded himself with friends and other athletes who have inspired and pushed him to train longer and harder.
    We also talk about his running philosophy which is pushing his own boundaries and going hard ( for instance, sometimes he would get up at 3am to do an extra workout before practice because he felt that his coaches’ workouts were too easy)
    Another really interesting fact about Colby is that he follows a Nomad lifestyle. He lives in a van, he is one of the founders of a running group called the Nomad Running Society, he also has an apparel brand called Nomad Running Company, which makes great quality running singlets with super unique and fun designs (created by Colby himself). Colby wants to be a nomad forever.

    Colby has won big races in Texas, such as the Dallas Half Marathon twice, and the Dallas Marathon last year, which happened to be his marathon debut

    We also talk about his mantras and routines, who coaches him, his favorite running shoes these days and the story behind this tattoo that he has on his arm that reads “I’ll show you”

    Here's Colby's blog post that he wrote in 2017. Follow him on Instagram

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