Episode 22: KELLY & MORGAN NEWLON | Offering the RAD(est) Catering For Athletes


My guests this week are Kelly and Morgan Newlon, founders and owners of Real Athlete Diets (RAD) 

RAD is a boutique-catering company that focuses on offering meal plans for athletes, especially elite athletes 

I first heard about RAD through several endurance athletes that I follow on social media. These athletes would always talk about how much they liked the different meals that RAD would make for them, food that was not only tasty but also healthy.

In just a few years, RAD has quickly become a well-respected name in the catering and meal planning business, especially in the endurance sports and outdoors industries in the US (everybody knows them in Boulder!)

Photo courtesy: Boulder Daily Camera

So what makes RAD different from the rest of other catering companies?

Well.. they not only make great food (that tastes and looks good), but they are also very flexible in accommodating different types of requests from clients (from types of diets, to number of people that they cater, but most importantly, they are immersed in the endurance sports community (Kelly is an ultra runner and Morgan is a cyclist)

On this conversation we talk about the time when Kelly realized she wanted to become a pastry chef and runner (hint: she was suuuuper young), how did both meet, how the idea for RAD came to be, and more

Learn more about Kelly, Morgan and RAD here.  You can also follow them on Instagram 

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