Episode 19: FERNANDO CABADA | Still Chasing The Perfect Marathon

My guest this week is professional runner Fernando Cabada

Fernando’s story is pretty powerful and inspiring. You could say that he started digging deep in life since he was very young.

I say this because of several things, like the fact that he had a very difficult childhood, or the fact that he grew up without a father figure or any role models, or the fact that there were many times where it was hard for him to fit in society

But Fernando used those challenges and struggles to drive him to train hard, to race hard and build his running career

Fernando’s career highlights include

    • 7 tittles at the NAIA(or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)
    • An amazing marathon debut in 2006 (Fukuoka Marathon in Japan) with a time of 2:12:27
    • Winning the USATF 25K championship in 2011,
    • personal-record time of 2hrs 11mins 36 secs at the Berlin Marathon in 2014, and more

This was not an easy conversation for Fernando. Reviving parts of his life and struggles was hard..but that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to have him on the show. It’s because he is 100% real and open to talk about these things and he is still in the journey to run that perfect race!

Fernando not only talks about running, but also about what his plans are after retiring from professional running, his personal mantra “con todo” which means “with everything” and more

I really enjoyed talking with Fernando.  His passion, and desire to keep racing and be the best that he can be even at 36 years old is really inspiring!

You can follow Fernando on Instagram @fernando.cabada and also on his coaching website cabadatrainingsystems.com

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