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Episode 18: MADDY PESCH | Focusing On The Moment To Reach New Performance Levels

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

My guest this week is rookie pro-triathlete Maddy Pesch!
Maddy may have recently turned pro but she’s been a competitive triathlete for several years’ now.. with pretty impressive results like finishing 2nd in her age group at the ITU Age Group World Championships in Rotterdam (2017) or winning her first half-ironman distance race this year (HITS Triathlon Series)..which was also the first time that she competed in that kind of distance! Wow!
On this conversation, Maddy talks about her swimming background, how she started doing triathlons as a way to avoid getting burned out from swimming year-round and also moving to Boulder (temporary move, only 2 months, but she’s here to train with her coach Siri Lindley).

She also talks about this new chapter of her triathlon career, and how working with Siri is helping her be a better athlete physically and mentally.
But it was not all triathlon, we also talked about her favorite music and ice cream and donuts..and more!

One of my favorite parts is when Maddy talks about “focusing on the moment” as a way to help her go through the difficult moments when training and especially racing.

Or when she discusses her goals for 2019, try to do the same races see did this year to see how she has improved and also see where she needs to keep working on.

You can follow Maddy on Instagram at @peschmaddytri

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