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Episode 15: NICOLE DEBOOM | When Your Body Is Fit & Strong, Your Mind Is Too

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

My guest this week is former professional triathlete and entrepreneur Nicole DeBoom.

Nicole is the founder and president of Skirt Sports, performance apparel brand for women.

On this conversation, Nicole talks about how her philosophy of “lifting and elevating other people”, “giving without expecting to receive” and her personal mantra of “feeling the best when being fit”have paid off during her career and personal life

One of my favorite things about her is how she came up with the idea to start her company. She saw a problem. She saw a gap. She saw an opportunity. And rather than complaining or doing nothing about it she decided to act; she decided to create a product. Entrepreneurship at it’s best

Like Nicole said, the road to starting and building Skirt sports has not been perfect. There’s been tons of learning, and many times, learning the hard way.  But it's been so worth it!

Follow Nicole on Instagram (@nicoledeboom) and Skirt Sports (@skirtsports) or go to

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