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Episode 13: ALLEN LIM | When You Have To Start From Skratch

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

My guest today is Allen Lim founder of Skratch Labs , company that makes sports nutrition products such as hydration mixes, energy bars and more

But before starting Skratch Labs, Allen worked in professional cycling as a trainer and coach for the most elite cyclists in the world, like Floyd Landis, Christian Van De Velde, and yes..Lance Armstrong.  These were tough times in cycling as the controversy around doping grew more and more.

After a fascinating and very difficult career in pro cycling Allen found himself unemployed, not knowing what his next chapter was going to be

He literally had to start from scratch. But as Allen says, the trauma from being exposed to the world of cycling, gave him a real sense of purpose to make things better

On this conversation Allen also talks about his parent’s journey from China to the US, growing up in Los Angeles (which was not easy for him), how he got into cycling, and of course, how he started Skratch Labs.

One of my favorite things about him is his personality, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s actually quite the character if you ask me, and can be random for instance, when in this conversation he gets so fixieated with me big head. So random. So Allen

This is a story of picking yourself up, starting all over again and never ever giving up!  I think it’s admirable that Allen didn’t give up, he did not let his experience in pro-cycling define him, it actually gave him the motivation to make a difference and positively influence a new generation of riders and athletes.

He transformed this anger and bitterness that the had into something positive. Like he mentioned: Let happiness be your revenge

Allen’s story is also a great example that to succeed you need to surround yourself with good people. In this case people like his friend Ian McGregor (who’s also Skratch Labs CEO)

 Also, you can follow Allen on Instagram (@allenskratch) and Scratch Labs (@skratchlabs)

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