Episode 11: TEAM MENDEZ | Digging Deep To Build Your Dreams


💥While on a run the other day, I was reflecting on my journey to date as an entrepreneur.

💥It’s funny because if I could use a word or two to describe my experience so far is actually: Dig Deep

💥Most of the times we associate these words with endurance sports or intense physical activities, but the truth is that when you are building a business you have to Dig Deep big time, and all the time!

💥Entrepreneurship is not as glamouros as it seems like

💥There are so many things that you have to deal with, and embrace, such as sacrifices, uncertainty, failing not only once but multiple times. The fact that it can be a lonely game , or that it’s not easy to avoid comparing yourself with others. How to deal with negativity, distractions and more

💥My wife Amy is my partner in this journey and for that reason I invited her to come back to the show to talk about digging deep as an entrepreneur

💥This episode is super special for me, because I want to be transparent with you as much as possible about the process of building Dig Deep.

💥I want you to know that it’s not easy, that it’s frustrating and scary, but in the end, it’s SO WORTH IT, especially if what you are doing is aligned with your values and goals, which for me is to motivate and help improve people’s lives, and also leave a legacy, yes.making money is nice, but is not the most important thing

💥So here we go, round #2 with Dig Deep’s #2 person in charge, Ms Amy Mendez

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