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Episode 10: JORGE LATRE | When Curiosity Makes You Run 1000 Miles In Alaska

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

💥I had the honor of talking with an amazing explorer, endurance athlete, scientist, airplane pilot and super smart guy that I’m lucky to call my friend: Mr. Jorge Latre

💥If I could pick one word to describe Jorge that would be CURIOSITY

💥Curiosity is what led him leave his native Spain to pursue an amazing career in the U.S., taking him to study at the prestigious MIT (MA) as well as working at NASA. 

💥Curiosity is what made him start running, first 5Ks, then 10Ks.. and later on running ultra distances, being the Iditasport Impossible 1000 mile race the pinnacle of his running career. 

💥Curiosity is what made him plan, organize and participate in several expeditions that involve both a lot of science and endurance.

💥This is a fascinating story of someone who knew what he wanted to become since an early age. Someone with ambitious goals and with the discipline and self believe that with hard work and preparation, anything is possible

💥On this conversation, Jorge talks about his experience participating in a couple of adventures (one is called Spice, the other called the Shackleton Unfinished Business 100th Anniversary), his experience doing all kind of ultra runs, especially in cold weather like the Arrowhead 135 mile (MN), the Yukon Artic 300 mile (AK), and of course..the Iditasport Impossible 1000 mile race (AK)

💥 I can’t wait to hear what is Jorge’s next adventure!

💥Don’t forget to follow Jorge on Instagram it’ @jrlatre and online at

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💥Correction: In the intro, I said that MIT is in Boston.  It's Cambridge, MA

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