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EP004 - FRANKO VATTEROTT: Badass Entrepreneur In The Endurance Sports Industry

Posted by Hugo Mendez on



💥On this episode, I talk with serial entrepreneur Franko Vatterott.  Franko's main focus is the endurance sports industry, mostly triathlon.

💥Let’s take a look at his resume, shall we?:

  • Cofounder of Retul: bike fitting technology that helps cyclists increase their comfort and improve their performance. If you are a cycling or triathlon geek like me, you’ve probably had your bike “retuled”  at some point
  • Founder of the Human Interest Group: sports management firm that represents professional endurance athlete like triathlon legend Craig Alexander, Tim Don, Rachel Joyce, Ben Hoffman, and more
  • Co-founder of Sansego:platform that offers triathlon training programs, and more

💥I had an awesome time talking with Franko. He invited me to his house, made me coffee and then.. we started talking…we talked  about his childhood, growing up in St Louis, MO, his first jobs and how he started his journey as an entrepreneur.

💥One of my favorite parts of this conversation was when he talks about how he started the legendary Tri Dubai, a dream team of professional triathletes that included members like 3-time Hawaiian Ironman Champion Peter Reid, 2-time Hawaiian Ironman Champion Tim Deboom and more.

💥We also talked about he builds good relationships with the athletes he represents, what he does when he is unfocused or overwhelmed…etc.

💥 I’ve known Franko practically since I move to Colorado, that’s about 6 years now.  I remember sending him an email, asking if he would meet for coffee, because I really wanted to network with this guy. Since then, we have stayed in touch. We get together once or twice a year, and we are friends

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1 comment

  • Ed King on

    Hey! Super insightful dialogue. I wasn’t sure if I’d commit to watching the whole thing but it really pulled me along. I liked the interface between Entrepreneurship and endurance sports motivations. Your interviewing style is very authentic and refreshingly “sans ego.” Drop me a note sometime. I’m swimming a bunch, no running post hip replacement but needing a challenge to get back biking. I’ve been mulling aqua biking. And BTW – live in TN and spend a lot of time in KY.

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