EP006-BRAD HUDSON | Legendary Running Coach


💥On this episode, I talk with LEGENDARY running coach Brad Hudson.

💥I’ve been dying to interview Brad since I started this podcast, not necessarily because of his amazing running and coaching background, but because he is genuinely a good guy and a very interesting person

💥One of my favorite things about him is that he knows so many things about so many topics besides running: history, movies, and music, especially music. He is like a walking encyclopedia.  Love it!

💥Brad started his running career when he was very young. If you listen to my first question, you’ll learn at what age he ran his first marathon.

💥Even though he is originally from New Jersey, Brad moved to one of the meccas of running, Eugene Oregon, at age 17.

💥He went to the University of Oregon where he ran track and cross country. He was coached by Bill Dellinger, who also coached legendary Steve Prefontaine. During his time there, he garnered multiple All-American honors.

💥But Brad always knew that he wanted to be a coach. 

💥When he first started coaching, he would advise all kinds of athletes, but it was not until he started training Shayne Culpepper (who won US trials in the 5000 mts in 2004) when his coaching career took off.

💥His coaching career includes so many incredible athletes, including olympians and national champions like Dathan Ritzenhein, Jorge Torres, Jason Hartmann, Tera Moody, among others.

💥Brad also talks about The Hudson Elite, a group of elite runners that he trains in Boulder, Colorado these days.

💥Follow Brad’s coaching and running adventures on Instagram at @coach_hudson. He always posts tons of videos of his athletes it’s is so much fun!

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