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Episode 7: AMY MENDEZ | The Engine Behind Dig Deep

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

💥This week’s episode is a very very special one, you know why? Because I’m joined by my lovely wife, Amy.

💥She is the one who's always supporting and encouraging me to do my best. She is the one who reminds me to be patient and work hard. She is the one who gives me a pep talk when I need itShe is the one who believes in me.

💥I met Amy in Indiana, almost 13 years ago. We were both attending business school at Indiana University to get our MBAs (Masters in Business Administration).Yup, we were both pursuing careers in the corporate world!

💥I’ve been wanting to have Amy on the show since I started this podcast because I really wanted to share our experiences changing our career paths (especially the implications and challenges that involved transitioning from working for big corporations into our new professional journeys…for me as an entrepreneur and for Amy not only as an entrepreneur as well but also as a professional in the healthcare world.

💥Sometimes we think that being an entrepreneur (or following your passion) is glamorous or easy. That couldn't be further from the true. It's hard. Really hard.

💥This is a fun and chill conversation where we talk about what we’ve learned during these years, what challenges we’ve facedand what we are looking forward to achieve in the future, especially in our careers. 

💥I really hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did :) 

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Thanks for Listening...And Watching ;)


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