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Week of 8.21.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

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  • Do you like to listen to music while you run? We found this list of 100 songs to listen to while you're running: Road Runner Sports
  • With gyms closed, it's tough to get pool time. Here's an excellent guide to try open water swimming: Outside Magazine
  • Looking for a new way to measure success? Consider measuring your waist. New York Times
  • We love to listen to this video any time we need motivation... what do you like to watch/listen to? YouTube
  • Meditation is widely recognized as a way to discipline your mind. But can you meditate while you run? No Meat Athlete

What You Missed This Week

I am in the process of developing a program that can better serve everyday athletes overcome that lack of clarity, motivation and accountability so they can build a roadmap that will help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.⠀

This roadmap has helped me create a routine and habits that keep me focused, motivated…and sane!..especially in these crazy and uncertain times!

That said, I have a survey that I would love my CHASKIS community to fill out! It will help me tremendously to learn more about helping my fellow CHASKIS who are struggling with motivation and accountability and want to get unstuck and back on track to work towards those goals.

In exchange for 15 minutes of your time to fill out my survey by Sunday August 23rd, I will be selecting 5 people to hop on a FREE 30-minute "Get Unstuck And Find Your Next Goal" Assessment call with me to discuss your answers and goals. Absolutely no charge! ⠀

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