Week of 08.03.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Can you swim with a glass of milk balanced on your head? Apparently, Katie Ledecky can. NBC Sports
  • If you're running for more than an hour, you may want to supplement with electrolyte tablets. Here's a good comparison of what's available. Runners World
  • This is a great article about what different cyclists pack on their bikes - the best thing about it, though, is the pictures. How'd they get that dalmation to be still? Bicycling
  • Can gardening really help you live longer? CNBC
  • What do you eat after your run? This article shares some interesting suggestions based on your fitness goals. Heathline

What You Missed This Week


What's your LEAST favorite thing about summer rides? Let me know here


How do we stop feeling overwhelmed before it takes over our day? Here are 5 simple things I do every time I start feeling overwhelmed.  You can also download my worksheet here

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