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Week of 7.03.20 Can Exercising Too Hard Cause Heart Problems?

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • According to this article, "Proper breathing means breathing through the nose, with the diaphragm, relaxed, rhythmically, and silently." How often do you think about how to breath properly? Patrik Edblad
  • On our list of books to read this summer: Bonnie Tsui’s “Why We Swim,” a blend of memoir, history and swim adventure. LA Times
  • Is your gym still closed? Looking for a way to mix things up? Try jump roping! Slate
  • Do you stretch every day? This Harvard trained physical therapist suggests a simple routine to try. Harvard Health Publishing
  • This cardiologist offers his first hand experience of exercise induced arrhythmia and how to protect your heart when exercising for extended periods of time. The Washington Post

What You Missed This Week

YouTube: Hugo looks into 3 unconventional reflective running gear options that are effective and that will not break the bank. Check them out!

Instagram: Perception can be a source of strength or weakness. It can create or destroy obstacles

July Challenge: We are only 2 days into our goal of getting up at 4:30 AM every day in July. So far so good...Ask us again a week from now ;) If you want o join, just download this free calendar and follow the instructions

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