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Week of 05.11.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Coronavirus and potential long-term effects. With some businesses starting to re-open, it's tempting to let your guard down. Doctors advice: be careful and smart: recovering from cover-19 might have lifelong effects.
  • Going grocery shopping and want to try going vegan for a while? Here's a thorough grocery list for a plant-based diet​.
  • A simple and tasty way to cook a chicken breast. Just in case you think that chicken breasts are boring. Check out this simple advice
  • It's OK to be scared. Just don't be afraid. ​Cool short video on finding courage, being prepared and more​.
  • Choosing To Live. A beautiful (and sad) short film to remind you that live is short and precious. Live more!​​

    What You Missed This Week

    The CHASKI Fact Of The Week

    How Did The Inca Empire Fall? The Inca Empire fell to the Spanish conquistadores under Francisco Pizarro in 1533 CE, but it had been in decline already for some time. The Inca Empire had expanded through conquest and the subject peoples were extremely unhappy with the situation. Pizarro was able to exploit this dynamic and turn the subjugated people against the Inca who were seen as oppressors. Rebellions throughout the empire were already ongoing by the time Pizarro arrived in the region and the diseases (especially smallpox) brought by Europeans had already destroyed large swaths of the population (up to 90%). Although Pizarro is routinely credited with the downfall and destruction of the Inca Empire, it would have fallen on its own in time simply because it could no longer maintain the kind of cohesion it had earlier.   

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