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Week of 03.30.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Dreaming of bike-packing someday? I found this video on YouTube the other day, it's so well-made that I just couldn't stop watching it from start to end. If you need a 30-minute break (and if you don't mind reading subtitles) check it out. It's pretty awesome ​
  • Working from home? This video is short and simple but has lots of great advice on how to be super productive when working from home.

What You Missed This Week

  • New Video: My journey to training for the Dirty Kanza 200-mile ride keeps going. This week's video focuses on how to prepare your bike for a 200-mile bike ride.  Haven't seen the videos yet? Check them out here
  • New Podcast🎙️: I had my friend, runner and coach, Lyuba, back on the show. We talked about the rest of her 2019 running season and her 2020 plans
  • iPhone wallpaper: I read this everytime I need to remind myself on controlling my controllables 
  • My favorite quote:  I've been working on embracing this more and more everyday.
  • My favorite Instagram post: Whether you are training for an ironman or any hard event...this is so true. Agree? 😂

How To Stay Focused On Your Training While Dealing With The Coronavirus

I had such a great conversation with my coach last week on how to keep training in times of uncertainty like the ones that we are living these days that  I decided to create this guide with my main takeaways: 8 simple things to do. Download the guide here

The CHASKI Fact Of The Week

Visiting the Machu Picchu ruins. Machu Picchu is probably the most majestic site I've ever been to.  It's a true bucket-list destination.  Did you know that there are several (and probably more fun) alternate routes than the "classic" one that's offered to tourists?  Click here to learn more about them.

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