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Week of 03.23.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Does drinking coffee before taking a nap make you wake up alert and ready to crush the rest of your day? Enter, the Coffee Nap 
  • Need a little motivation? Watch this
  • She is only 10 years old and play the drums like a rock star. This video made my day!​
  • Learning from people who train in remote areas. Here is some good advice on training and staying active from people who live and work in submarines, military stations abroad, the Mars simulation dome and the polar research station

What You Missed This Week

  • New Podcast🎙️: this is the unedited version of my conversation with my coach on How To Stay Focused while dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Check it out. Lots of great info! 
  • My favorite quote: Patience And Fortitude Conquer All Things. Tupac
  • My favorite Instagram post: Working from home lately? Can you relate😂

The CHASKI Fact Of The Week

The Incas Transportation Method.The Incas did not use the wheel; goods were carried in the backs of people and animals. They used llamas as pack animals. The Incas built a network of roads and bridges connecting all four corners of the Empire. These roads crisscrossed the territory sometimes the roads were as long as 1,250 miles (2,012 km).

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