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Week of 03.16.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Feeling stressed-out? anxious?  Need a place to connect?  My favorite motivational speaker(I don't like that word!) Mel Robbins has daily check-ins where she shares great advice on how to cope and deal with these times of uncertainty. Check her out here
  • Your running race got canceled? Here's some good info on how to keep training and stretch your training if your  goal race got postened or canceled
  • Having trouble falling asleep? Here are 15 things you can do now to help.

Learning From An Experienced Gravel Cyclist

Noah is an experienced cyclist who has completed the Dirty Kanza 200 gravel cycling race (the race that I'm planning to do in May), not once but 3 TIMES! 

I sat down with him last week to learn more about his experience and also to get his advice on so many things, from very important stuff to small details that are still pretty key to help you have a great experience doing his race

Check out this video I made with my main takeaways from this conversation. Also, don't forget to check out my new series of videos called Road To Kanza (Don't forget to subscribe!) 

Support A Small Business

We are living in usual times, but hey, we are all in this together!  we are gonna chaskiup together, right?!

If you feel that CHASKIS has helped you in any way (whether that's with apparel, gear or through content ), consider supporting our family business.  We are offering Free Shipping with any purchase of $20 or more. Just use the code FSMAR during checkout or click here to apply the discount automatically. You are gonna love our new hats, water bottles, coffee mugs, rad socks and more :)  

The CHASKI Fact Of The Week

The Andenes: an agricultural marvel of the Inca empire. Andenes had several functions, the most important of which was to increase the amount of cultivatable land available to farmers by leveling a planting area for crops.​ Many andenes have survived for more than 500 years and are still in use by farmers throughout the region​. The benefits of andenes include utilizing steep slopes for agriculture, reducing the threat of freezes, increasing exposure to sunlight, controlling erosion, improving absorption of water, and better aeration of the soil​.

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