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Week of 03.09.20

5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Struggling to get things done? This 7-day challenge looks simple and easy to follow.
  • How caloric restriction prevents negative effects of aging. Ok, this study was conducted in rats, but nevertheless, great learning and looks very promising!
  • Running out of hand sanitizer? Here are some options to make yours at home​​
  • Bonus: In the market for a water bottle? Our friends at Simple Hydration are running a campaign to launch a bigger water bottle. Check them out here.

What You Missed This Week

  • My favorite quote: To Hell With Circumstances. I Create Opportunities. Bruce Lee
  • My favorite Instagram post: We've all been this person before, right?! 😂

The CHASKI Fact Of The Week

QUECHUA - the language of the Incas.  Quechua was the official language of the Inca empire, until the Spanish invasion that started in 1532; it was the language spoken by all royalty in Cusco city, which was the capital of the empire, that at the time of its fall had reached today’s Colombia, Chile and Argentina.​  A key subject to be addressed about Inca language is that they didn’t develop any written structure, which had as a consequence the improvement of oral language; they also created a system of communication based on strictly codified knots over a variety of ropes, known as quipus. The quipus were mainly used by the government, to control the economy and demography mainly, they were not only linguistic but also mathematical

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