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Week of 02.10.20

5 Things Worth Sharing 

  • In the market for a massage gun? Before getting one, check out these 5 things you should know about them​
  • More companies should learn from Altra Running. In an industry that penalizes women for having children, this new move by Altra will hopefully set a new trend. Love it!

What You Missed This Week

  • Valentines Day Deal: 20% discount storewide. Use code VDAY2020. Offer valid through Feb 14th ($50 min purchase)​
  • My favorite quote: Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility. - Grant Cardone​
  • My favorite Instagram post: Apparently I only have 1 chore to do at home ;) 

The CHASKI Fact Of The Week

Ok, I'm starting something new, I call it the CHASKI Fact Of The Week. This is just my desire to share with you more about the Incas, the culture where the Chaskis came from (and me too!)

  • What gear did the Chaskis carry? Did you know that these Inca messengers usually carried two items: a quipu and a pututu. The quipu was a system of knotted strings used to carry messages (see picture below..weird right? I mean, how did they communicate with these things?!). A pututu was a conchshell used as a trumpet to signal the other chaski runner to get ready to take over and keep carrying the message (remember: the Chaskis covered thousands of miles by working in a relay system)

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