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5 Things Worth Sharing

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  • Do you like to listen to music while you run? We found this list of 100 songs to listen to while you're running: Road Runner Sports
  • With gyms closed, it's tough to get pool time. Here's an excellent guide to try open water swimming: Outside Magazine
  • Looking for a new way to measure success? Consider measuring your waist. New York Times
  • We love to listen to this video any time we need motivation... what do you like to watch/listen to? YouTube
  • Meditation is widely recognized as a way to discipline your mind. But can you meditate while you run? No Meat Athlete


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  • Riding 200 miles in the middle of Kansas. I recently got picked to do one of my all-time bucket list races. It's called the Dirty Kanza, a 200-mile gravel race that takes place in Emporia, Kansas. 4 months until race day, better start training! Here is one of my favorite videos about this race. CAN'T WAIT!
  • Making long runs much easier. Training for a marathon? Or are you increasing your milage? Long runs can feel daunting sometimes. Here are some practical tips on how to make long runs feel way easier. I'm personally planning to use tip #4 on my next race!
  • Remembering Kobe. I've never been a basketball fan. I was familiar with Kobe Bryant, but all I knew was that he once played for the Lakers. This interview made me have a better appreciation for him.
  • Remember this commercial? Inspiring, beautiful and sad. An "Adidas" commercial that wasn't made by Adidas

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