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5 Things Worth Sharing

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  • Looking for ways to reduce your stress and anxiety during Covid-19 times? I found this article really helpful because it gave me a little checklist or reminder on what to do the next time that I feel stressed out or overwhelmed, specially these days. Out of all the 10 things listed in this article, I was very surprised by #5 , I was like "Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one!"
  • In a world filled with negative news, Jim Halpert comes to the rescue with good news ;)
  • Getting desperate about getting a hair cut? Me too!..but before just going for it and "winging-it", check out this article with some perspective and advice. You might want to hire a "virtual stylist" ;)
  • Have you found it challenging to focus on your nutrition during social-distancing times? It has been for me. I even feel that I've gained an extra pound which is annoying me so much lately (ahh first-world problems, I guess!). This guide provides good advice on how to eat well during a self-quarantine situation, how to finally eat the stuff that's in your pantry (there's even an app to help you with that!), how to tackle stress eating, and more.

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