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5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Are You Winning The Day? At CHASKIS we recently finished the January Challenge(we'll have more soon!). My biggest takeaway from this month-long experience has been to start building the habit of getting up early and visualize having a great day. Check out this article with some good advice on things you can do to start your day the right way. I personally do #1, #2, #3 and #6 (I'm gonna add #7 soon!)
  • A "new" Conor McGregor? I'm not an MMA fan but I recently heard about Conor McGregor's "comeback" defeating his opponent in only 40 secs..that's insane! Apparently, McGregor has been working with Tony Robbins for the last year, and apparently, that experience helped change his mindset. Here's a cool conversation between Robbins and McGregor that helps you understand where Conor is coming from and what he's learning from Robbins.
  • Journaling to improve...your life? Interesting article on how the practice of journaling can help increase mindfulness, reduce stress, increase self-confidence, etc. I personally do a 5-minute journaling twice a day (one in the morning and one at night). I've found that journaling in the morning helps me set my day with intention and with clarity on what I want to achieve. Journaling at the end of the day helps me to appreciate what I achieved during the last 24 hours, be grateful and get exited about the next day. Here is some simple advice on how to get started

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