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  • How do you build your mental strength for endurance sports? Mark Agnew advises the following: Always finish the distance you set out to do, even if you are "moving so slowly you are barely physically benefiting from the training", Train when you are mentally drained: "By training when you are low on mental energy, you will practice for the latter end of a race or challenge, when your mental stores are depleted.", DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP! See more:
  • How important is the right chain lube? This article presents a few alternatives that claim to "unlock dramatic power savings". Enter GRAPHENlube.
  • Coree Woltering is attempting to break the Ice Age Trail record - as of Wednesday, he was 16 days and more than 700 miles in! Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • It's hot outside, ya'll! Here are some tips to for running in the heat: get out early (4:30 AM perhaps?!?), get some cool summer apparel (or just wear less and let it all hang out!), experiment with hydration (see what works best for you), and SLOW it down (be reasonable with yourself about pace in the heat). Outside Online
  • This dude went from not even being able to run a mile to competing in four full Ironman triathlons. One of the secrets to his success: waking up at 3:30 in the AM!!!

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