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5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Got kettle bells but never use them? maybe it's time to dust them off and put them to good use! Here are 7 kettle bell workouts to help you improve your strength and conditioning. I've always wanted to try doing the "Turkish Get-up"? (It looks really difficult though!)
  • Should you wear a mask when running or cycling? although the latest guidelines are not 100% clear on whether people should wear masks when exercising, it's always important to be cautious and practice social distancing as much as possible. Here are some insights and advice on how to practice your favorite sport safely (for running, for cycling)
  • Running 262 miles around your neighborhood. Because we are living in crazy coronavirus times, runners all over the word participated in a race called the Backyard Quarantine Ultra a couple of weeks ago. The rules: runners had to honor social distancing and were also required to cover a distance of about 4 miles each hour. This winner finished the race in...2.5 days!

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