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5 Things Worth Sharing

  • Would you ride your bike, on the same hill for 8, 9 or more hours, trying to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest? Enter Everesting
  • Staying informed is important, but do you have to watch the news all the time? I think this video explains the main reasons why I'm not watching and following the news as much as I used to do.
  • Talking To Strangers. The tragic events that led to the death of George Floyd recently made me think of a Malcolm Gladwell book that I read several months ago. In his book, Gladwell talks about several cases in history where things go wrong when we talk to strangers. I found it really insightful 
  • Do you like adventuring by yourself? IF not, here are 5 great reasons why you should consider going out and exploring on your own (especially in times when social distancing is so common). Reasons 2 and 5 are so spot on!

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