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Story #9: Chad Ledley

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

My Dig Deep Story by Chaskis fans

I have come to realize that life is a series of moment after moment. Each breath leading to the next. And each of these moments is an opportunity to either be fully tuned in or totally zoned out.

Each moment then, is an opportunity to “dig deep” and be real and find that enormous potential that is living deep within each and every one of us. 

Perhaps the greatest of human tragedies, is living an entire lifetime having never come to know one’s full capabilities.

I think the true journey of life begins when you realize the potential that truly lives deep inside.

Here is what digging deep means to me:

Not giving up.

Not having your hair combed and your makeup done all the time.

Helping that older lady at the grocery store.

Taking one more step, even though you’ve already been out there for hours. You’re hungry, but can’t eat. You’re thirsty, but want to vomit when you think about putting liquid in your stomach, and ALL you want to do is lay down and not move anything! Take one. More. Step.

Putting your phone down and looking your child in her eyes and her heart when she is telling you about the crazy-looking bug she just found.

Jumping off that cliff into the water below.

Running through a field of wild flowers.

Being the last one out of the water, because you suck at swimming, but cranking like a beast on the bike and running your ass off, through gnarly cramps in both legs, to overall finish in the top 5.

Giving birth. I have witnessed this four times in my life. I have never, ever been more impressed with any other thing. Ever. My wife is a warrior.

Watching a sunset, thunderstorm or butterfly.

Not being a douchebag at work.

Waking well before the sun rises...just to get that workout in.

Giving hugs. Yep. Hugs.

Giving your last gel to that brother or sister beside you on the course who clearly needs it more than you do.

Not finishing a race. Then signing up for that sucker again.

Being ok with they fact that people think you’re weird for running...let alone for hours on end.

Dancing in the rain.

Looking like a yeti after a long trail run.

Finding peace and unlimited potential in each and every one of these situations is how I dig deep.

Every moment is a new opportunity. Carry on, everyone. Much love :)

Have A Dig Deep Story To Share? All you have to do is think of a particular time in your life when you had to dig deep (it doesn't necessarily have to be about racing or training, it can be about anything). Make your story as long as you want and send it to (subject : Your Instagram name if you have one). Don't forget to include a picture :) . I look forward to featuring your story! Cheers, Hugo


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