Story #8: Pamela Parker

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“Do You Still Run For Me?”

My daughter asked me this as I walked in the door after a long run. I answered, “Of course I do!!! Why do you ask?” She replied, “I just got finished watching ’13 Reasons Why,’ and I wanted to know.”

Rewind many years…anytime things would go sideways in my life, my running was the first thing to go.

Now let’s rewind six years; my daughters and I went back to a state that we used to live in and visited relatives by marriage, and longtime friends from the many years we had lived there.

While we were there, my daughter became the victim of an assault. I drew a line in the sand, stood strong in my convictions of speaking up, and became an advocate for my daughter. 

And…I stood strong, being considered a secondary victim, to not allow my running to fall by the way side once again because things became VERY sideways.

But…bigger than that…I wanted to show my daughter that she was important, that I would become the example to her that the things that are important in your life, such as running, would still remain consistent even though our world just turned upside down!

I have not stopped running (barring injuries…but still get to the gym and the elliptical when injured, that dedication, and consistency is key!), for my daughter and for me!

Today I asked her why she asked if I still ran for her. She responded that the girl in “13 Reasons Why” did not have the support that she has had from me…the character committed suicide, and she was extremely grateful for me.

In total, I will be the very loud voice that proclaims it is okay to talk about these crimes, there is no shame!

Finally, that we can be kind to ourselves and grow…through running, through crimes, through becoming a kinder, stronger, and more compassionate human!!!

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