Story #13: JB Tobin

JB Tobin My Dig Deep Story #chaskiup

I'll start off by saying my dig deep story may not be "typical" or summed up in one specific event or race.

For me rather, it's been a culmination of life events and realizations that have proved to be far more challenging than most things I've done...and yes that includes crossing the finish line at the 2018 Boulder Ironman in the blistering heat and detrimental crosswinds.

My dig deep realization came about in the past 6 months or so as an inward reflection.

I realized that I've hated myself for most of my life. I've had such a negative self image and low self-worth that it's proven to put a strain on nearly every aspect of my life.

I didn't like the person I was living as, the person I'd become and the fears, hurt and sadness from my past that I wasn't letting go of. 

Within a few days of realizing this I had a transformation happen. I was feeling more present, drastically less angry (anger is a product of hurt & sadness) and was able to find more gratitude in most everything I was doing. 

When I look back at my life, where I'm come from and the things I've gone through, it feels like one long dig deep endeavor. My Ironman race, numerous half Ironman's, hours of training, the huge amount of time I've spent living up to the title of entrepreneur and discovering what it actually means to be Vegan are only a few of the puzzle pieces.

Realizing that any true Journey begins with Inward movement has been the greatest challenge. 

Challenge Your Limits - Dig Deep - Stay Strong

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