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Danielle Gogarty My Dig Deep Story #chaskiup

I feel like I have so many Dig Deep stories! I think that we Dig Deep on a daily basis; whether it be in training, or at work, or with family.

We all have that one race story…..Mine is a culmination of races. 

I have always been a decent athlete.  An ok swimmer.  In the pool….whenever it came to open water at any distance, I would panic.   Something about that spatial perception. I always did okay on the short course because I would just swim fast and soon enough it was over. But long distance is an entirely different beast and one I was so determined to tackle.

I swam and I swam and I swam….I panicked and I panicked and I panicked. 

When racing Ironman Louisville,  I made it out of the water with 5 minutes to spare… having a two hour swim set me up for an extremely long day….over 7 hours on the bike and a little over 4 hours on the run……I didn’t have to Dig Deep so much to get out of the water it’s what I have done since then that to me is truly Digging Deep. 

It was taking that fear of mine and facing it dead on. Time and time and time again. 

I worked, and I got coached and I just kept going out there…and in 2017 I crushed several triathlon races. I was on the podium at the iconic NYC Triathlon, and did back to back Half Ironman events in the late season to earn myself the Ironman All World Athlete Status Bronze Level.

I also was selected to race in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Some races are incredible and have such strong finishes and some don’t.

I sustained a broken arm in February 2018, my first broken bone, in three places. I had immediate surgery to fix the bone; a plate and 6 screws.

My recovery has not been easy. I’m still rehabilitating it.

Some days I Dig Deep to simply tie my shoes, brush my hair or hug my children.

One must Dig Deep daily, not just once or twice or a few times in their lifetime. It is a way, a mantra that I repeat daily.  Every single day. 

I Dig Deep to get my training done. I did deep to perform at my job. I Dig Deep to be a good mom to my children.

Dig Deep is a way of life!! Do it every day and keep yourself humble.

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