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Slaying The Demon Of Self Doubt

I have a little book called Yoga 365 - Daily Wisdom For Life, On And Off The Mat that I like to read from each day. A passage that I recently read from the book is entitled “The Myth of Durga, The Buffalo-Demon Slayer”. In it, the author describes a tale from yoga mythology of a great goddess who slays a demon and poses this question: “What do you need to vanquish in order for you and your world to thrive?”

Great question, right? I thought about it for a few minutes and it occurred to me: self doubt. I need to vanquish self doubt in order to thrive. I know a lot of people might say fear - but I honestly feel like I’m pretty good at dealing with fear. I’ve always been one who leaps without looking too much. But self doubt has been an insidious problem for me. I think this is because self doubt feels a lot like “being realistic”. It feels natural to doubt whether or not I can do something because I was raised to question my own capabilities. I was taught that doubting myself was practical and “just good common sense”. 

So, now that I’m starting to recognize this way of thinking as problematic, how do I slay this demon and thrive? Here’s my plan. Each time I hear my voice of self doubt, I’m going to write down what it says. For example: “you are so awkward” (that’s one I hear a lot from my inner voice). Then, I’m going to write down the positive statement that I want to replace it with: “you are charming, relatable and approachable”. 

Now it’s your turn: what demon do you need to vanquish in order to thrive? How will you do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below: 

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