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We all think we need more motivation, but that’s not what we’re missing.

Motivation is what helps us set goals, but it doesn’t help us achieve them because you can’t always count on the motivation to be there when you need it.

What really helps you reach your goals?


Which training program is the
one that works? It’s the one
that you stick with and that’s
why routines and habits are
what make the difference.
Finding and establishing
routines and habits that work
best for YOU is essential!


When it comes to reaching big
goals, your mindset is super
important and we often can’t
see what’s really holding us
back without help.
You need help to see what’s
in your blind spots—so you
can make REAL Progress!


Establishing a new routine can
be a tough transition on your
own. Finding the right routine is
the first step, but sticking to it is
what really counts.
You need accountability if
you’re really serious about
reaching your goals!

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The first step in the CHASKIS Coaching Experience is to book a risk-free 30 minute assessment session. The goal of this session is for us to learn about you and your needs.

After this discussion, you will walk away with 3 suggestions that you can put in place right away, free of cost, in order to help you make progress on your fitness goal.